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Business as usual at council

By Staff | Jan 20, 2012

The Shepherdstown Town Council met Tuesday evening and voted to approve a request for a chalk art event next fall.

Craftworks asked for aprroval to hold their second Chalk Art event for Sept. 15.

Applicants Anne Rule-Thompson and Aundrea Humphreys requested to use the space from German Street to Queen Alley along King Street and from behind the library to Back Alley, where the farmers market is regularly held. The chalk art will also be featured on German Street sidewalks, like last year.

Humphreys said of last year’s festival, “It was a great success.”

Humphreys and Thompson also hoped to expand the festival’s space on King Street.

“It’s a great way to expand,” she said.

Mayor Jim Auxer suggested waiting to approve an expansion until the town could determine whether a wedding is being held on that day that may interfere. The council unanimously voted to approve the request pending that determination.

At the brief meeting last Tuesday evening, the council also voted to approve the second reading of amendment to Title 9 to include section 9-215 regarding, “erosion control and stream protection.”

The council also approved contracts between the West Virginia Development Office and the Corporation of Shepherdstown for various projects.

A $1,000 grant contract was approved for the installation of interpretative signs at the Mecklenburg “Tobacco” Warehouse. $4,000 was approved to purchase and install surveillance cameras around town.

$1,000 was approved to print promotional brochures for the visitors center.

$2,000 was approved for repairs and improvement at the Shepherdstown Day Care and $1,000 was approved to repair and paint the Shepherdstown Historic Commission community room.

The next town council meeting will be held Feb. 14 at 6:30 p.m. at Town Hall.