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Town walking tour making move online

By Staff | Feb 17, 2012

Those walking down German Street who wondering why the library has the Odd Fellows “Seeing Eye” above the door, can now find the answer. Utilize a Smartphone by visiting www.historicshepherdstown.com, click on “Walking Tour” and on the building. The answer is there. The International Order of Odd Fellows once had a 999 year lease on the second floor of what is now the Library.

Historic Shepherdstown has taken its recently revised Walking Tour booklet and turned it into a color illustrated, easily searchable online version. Located on the organization’s website, it includes color photos of each building on the tour. It is equally accessible on desktop and laptop computers as well as Smartphones.

Users may either take the tour, following the numbers on the site’s town map, or they may click on the buildings that interest them and get a thumbnail history. Also included is a brief history of Shepherdstown for anyone who wants to understand the history of the town as a whole. The brief history is a quick and illuminating way to get the bigger picture.

The online Walking Tour is one of Historic Shepherdstown’s contributions to Shepherdstown’s 250th anniversary celebration and was created with the support of Shepherdstown 250. Historic Shepherdstown maintains the Shepherdstown Museum at the Entler Hotel.

Dr. Jerry Thomas and Carl Moore, Historic Shepherdstown board members, developed the illustrated version of the Walking Tour for Historic Shepherdstown. Dr. Rocco Cipriano took the color photographs of the buildings. Johnna Armstrong of BTS, Business Technology Source, put the Walking Tour online.