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‘Cable’ film debuting at Opera House

By Staff | Mar 2, 2012

Local resident and recent Shepherd University graduate, Jason A. Smith will launch a new film production company with the premiere of his latest short film, “Losing Cable” at the Shepherdstown Opera House.

Smith, who graduated from Shepherd last December and premiered a feature film “Chrome Horse and a Diplomat” at the Opera House last spring, said the premiere of “Losing Cable” will mark an ending and a beginning.

“This will be my last short film for a while,” he said.

Smith explained that instead of continuing to produce short films, he and friends Joey Garnreiter and Nikki Hagen will produce a web series for their new LLC, Northward Advance.

Smith said that the premiere for “Losing Cable,” which stars local residents Trevor Ford and Paul Kessler, will serve as the public announcement of future projects for the team.

“Losing Cable,” Smith described, is “a fun little comedy” about two guys just trying to watch TV.

According to Smith, the pair are forced to go to unusual heights to pay a late cable bill.

“They go on an epic quest,” Smith said.

Smith said that though the film was a low budget effort, the crew made up of local friends, did their best to pack as much adventure as possible into the into the nearly 20 minute film.

“There are a lot of fun montages,” Smith said.

Garnreiter, a producer on the short-film and partner in Northward Advance emphasized the important role friends and the community have played.

“Nothing we do would happen without the help of the community and our friends. The endeavors we undertake would be impossible for just the two of us, so our relationship with the community is essential,” he said.

The event will also feature the premiere of a music video directed by Smith for artist Damen Branson.

Branson also contributed to the production of “Losing Cable” by assisting with sound.

Smith said that his goals in building Northward Advance is to help build a bigger film community in Shepherdstown.

“I want to branch out to more filmmakers in the community,” he said.

Smith explained the web series format will allow the company to build an online audience who come back to see new episodes or documentaries produced by different filmmakers each week.

“I’d like to bring more awareness to the Panhandle for film and TV,” he said. “Hopefully, we’ll make a dent.”

“Losing Cable” will start at 7 p.m. Wednesday, Mar. 7. Admission is free.

For more information contact Smith at Jason@northwardadvance.com or visit www.northwardadvance.com