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Group hosting water forum

By Staff | Mar 2, 2012

The Jefferson County Chapter of the League of Women Voters will host a public forum on water quality in the auditorium of the Byrd Center at Shepherd University on Wednesday, Mar. 14, at 7 p.m.

The forum will explore water related issues from regional to local and from supply to quality. There will be opportunities for the audience to ask questions of the panelists.

A first round of discussion will involve Alana Hartman, Potomac Basin Coordinator for the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection, Roger Goodwin, Jefferson County Engineer, and Joe Hankins, Director, The Conservation Fund’s Freshwater Institute who will provide a regional perspective, with 30 minutes for audience questions.

Topics will include providing a national perspective on water issues that are of concern in Jefferson County, thoughts on current and future role of those making decisions about water in Jefferson County, review of the Chesapeake Bay Initiative; history, driving forces, the effect of pollution (and what type of pollution) from Jefferson County that adversely impacts the Bay, the effect of a proposed storm water management ordinance, etc.

A second discussion segment will feature Jefferson County Commissioner Lyn Widmyer and Peter Vila, Professor of Environmental Sciences from Shepherd University who will discuss the county position on water issues, local implications for water quality and supply, their assessment of concerns with county positions. The discussion will include regional initiatives, recommendations from studies and interest groups and how the political process contributes to implementing best practices.

For more information on the forum, contact Peter Bradford, president, League of Women Voters of Jefferson County, at pbradfordwv@earthlink.net.