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By Staff | Apr 27, 2012

The second annual Shepherdstown Peep show brought smiles and surprises to both the artists and the spectators recently. Most Technical and Creative Award went to “In Space No One Can hear you peep” submitted by Andrea Hines. Viewers had to press a light and look into the end of a funnel to see marshmallow bunnies floating inside their space capsule while a giant rubber duck attacked the ship.

Most Local Humor went to Bonnie Edelen for her “hillbunnies” featuring marshmallow bunnies huntin’ marshmallow chicks with antlers outside their West Virginia cabin. Most Sincere went to a six year old identified only at Matt, who single-handedly created a Star Wars themed Bunny Vaders. Most Spiritual went to Barbara Hartman for her Harmony Yoga Studio and marshmallow chicks in poses, but all the creations were fabulous.

The spirit of creative community was truly realized when seven people who did not even know each other got inspired by the idea of the Peeples Republic of China. The next day, they each arrived with one part of this idea: china cups, a Chinese flag made of peeps, two Chinese dragons, enough peeps to be the famous terra cotta warriors, red place mats to make a grand entry and yellow yarn for the Yellow River. This merged into great fun as they found friendship and creativity in this surprise union. This is the purpose of Creative Community: all ages working all walks of life taking the time to remember their creativity and come together to see what comes with imagination and some things around the house. Get ideas ready for next year.