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Local veterans thank supporters

By Staff | May 15, 2012

For the past 15 years, the Harpers Ferry/Bolivar District Veterans Association has proudly co-sponsored, with the Harpers Ferry National Historical Park, the “Music In The Mountains” military band summer concert series. They began in 1997 and were an immediate hit with the public. The major bands and numerous smaller ensembles from every military service have participated in the concert series at some point in time. Most notably among these was the U.S. Marine Band’s ensemble, “Free Country”. They performed here three days prior to 9/11 and returned every year thereafter for the next 10 consecutive years, thus becoming a traditional fall favorite. Only once was it rained out.

Sadly, due to budget constraints on the part of the HFNHP, the program has been terminated. We of the Harpers Ferry District Veterans want to thank all of the thousands of people who have supported this program over the years. In addition to all of the local supporters, people came from far and wide to enjoy the music performed by our talented servicemen and servicewomen.

We also want to thank our gracious co-sponsors at the Park, especially Park Ranger Kim Biggs, for all of her hard work in coordinating these events.

We are forever grateful for everyone’s support in honoring our military services.

Doug Craze

Harpers Ferry/Bolivar District Veterans Association