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Simon, Lawrence victorious in contested delegate races

By Staff | May 15, 2012

Tiffany Lawrence, incumbent delegate in the 65th District democratic race, will hold her seat for at least two more years. Lawrence won a landslide victory over competitor Richard “Rick” Shuman, II with 79.74 percent of the total votes in their race.

Lawrence has served two terms in the House of Delegates so far and will continue to run as long she can effectively do the job, she said Tuesday.

“I am humbled and honored once again to see the people’s faith in my leadership ability,” she said as the numbers came in in her favor. “My record speaks for itself,” she continued.

Lawrence said that she believes the current delegates and senators have worked together well and have created a team in Charleston. As part of that team, she said she will continue to be an advocate for education reform, economic development and heath care initiatives. She said she is looking forward to the general election in November and wishes to thank all of her supporters in not only this election cycle but over her four years so far.

Lawrence will face off against Republican Jill Upson in the general election. Upson ran unopposed during the primary election.

Republican Elliot Simon captured 67.99 percent of the vote in the 67th Delegate District where he faced opponent W. Matthew Harris. Harris took 250 of the votes to Simon’s 531. Simon could not be reached for comment following the tally of the votes Tuesday evening.

Earlier in the campaign, Simon’s prominent campaign issues were pursuing economic growth, preventing any tax increases, limiting the size of government spending, judicial reform and education.

“There is no simple answer as to why our schools are underperforming, but we need to make some changes. I believe that we need to decentralize our school system, dismantle some of the bureaucracy in Charleston and bring the decision-making closer to the community to make it more accountable,” Simon said in a statement on his campaign website.

Simon will face Democrat Stephen Skinner in the November election as the two battle for the seat previously held by Delegate John Doyle. Doyle made the announcement late last year that he would not seek another term. Skinner ran unopposed on the Democratic ticket in the primary.

Also running unopposed in the primary race was Paul Esponisa on the Republican ticket in the 66th Delegate race. He will face Democrat John Maxey in November.