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By Staff | Jun 1, 2012

In today’s media we see more and more commercials and news stories about the green movement and sustainability. With groups like Sustainable Shepherdstown, Shepherdstown can almost be seen as a role model of sorts for the green and sustainable movement.

“I lived in Connecticut and we had a house that ran off of solar energy, most thought we were yuppies. It’s different here though.” Ellen Smith, one of the founding members of Sustainable Shepherdstown, talks about how life in Shepherdstown differs from elsewhere.

Sustainable Shepherdstown is a local grassroots organization that is dedicated to promoting a sustainable future. Founded by a group of like-minded individuals in 2010. Basing their goals off of the Transition model that was started in England, the Transition model is a way for local communities to try and become more self-sustained by keeping local food local, minimizing use of oil and energy and finding alternative methods to fuel their lives (i.e. use of solar energy, bio-diesel, buying local food products).

“We are in the education stage of Transition. Basically getting our information out into the public and letting people know what’s going on.” Paul Woods, a Sustainable Shepherdstown member , stated.

On the goal of educating people Sustainable Shepherdstown has teamed up with the local Opera House to bring movies about sustainability and different facets of the environment and life in general. The next movie to be shown will be on June 9th called Eating Alaska, about a young woman who marries a commercial fisherman in Alaska and goes on a search for a healthy, sustainable, and ethical meal.

Not only is Sustainable Shepherdstown working with local businesses to bring sustainability to the forefront of people’s minds, they are also using Shepherd Universities Environmental Organization and Rotaract to get students in the same mind set.

“We are looking to be involved with everyone and anything that helps get the message out there,” Smith commented.

Sustainable has started a community garden that has attracted several of the college students. It gives students and townspeople a chance to work in a 10 x 10 plot of land and have a place to grow food for themselves, friends, and family. This is also a way to encourage others to buy local.

“It’s about getting food from the farm to the table,” Smith stated as she talked about the benefits of buying local to help the economy and help to have a healthier lifestyle.

Sustainable Shepherdstown is looking to help locals to find alternative methods of living life that doesn’t involve finite resources. This growing organization is always looking for new members with new ideas to help the community grow into the future.

For more information on Sustainable Shepherdstown and local events about sustainability, check out their website at www.sustainableshepherdstown.org. They can also be found on Facebook at www.facebook.com/sustainable.shepherdstown.