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Read: Letting the imagination dream big

By Staff | Jul 6, 2012

Reading is something that almost everyone does, whether a little or a lot. The Shepherdstown Library is pushing that passion for knowledge to the youth of the community by implementing a Summer Reading Program for children where who participate can win prizes. Goals set for different age ranges and children can reach those goals while exploring the world through their imagination.

Going into the Shepherdstown Library is initially like going into any other library. Quietness envelopes the patrons as some search for books and others ask hushed questions of the librarian on duty. Venturing upstairs, though, is almost like entering a different world. Brightly colored abounds and eager questions from young mouths fill the air. Anne Eden moves at a fast pace to keep up with kids in the children’s section of the ;ibrary.

“The summer reading program is a great thing,” Eden said as she helped a child find a book on trees and plants. “Kids come in get books and then are rewarded for reading them.”

The reading program is not unique to Shepherdstown. The West Virginia Library Commission has implemented a summer reading program for libraries across the state.

“We aren’t the only ones that are doing a program,” Kathleen Dawe, children’s librarian at the Shepherdstown Library commented, “Martinsburg Public Library also has a great program going on this summer.”

For Shepherdstown’s program though, the businesses in town are lending a helping hand by providing the prizes for those that accomplish the goals set by the program. For those who reach their goals, they will receive: a $5 coupon to Four Season’s book store, a treat from Shepherdstown Sweet Shop, two movie passes to the Opera House, a bowling game from Shepherd University’ s Student Center, a free swimming pass from the Wellness Center and three “Kangaroo Bucks” from One Two Kangaroo.

Not only do participants get these fun things from town establishments, but they also get to participate in six different workshops/ story times. The next event in the Summer Reading Program is a Magic Show that will be performed on July 10.The Shepherdstown Summer Reading Program has grown in popularity which has been a great thing, but also a hindrance

“This program has grown so much that we went from a handful of participants to almost 100, and have had to turn people away sadly,” Dawe stated.

Even though some of the events held in conjunction with the program are full, children can still participate in the reading. The program will end at the beginning of August when participants can return their signed sheets declaring that they read the required number of books and can receive their prizes.

To learn more about the Shepherdstown Public Library and what it has to offer contact them at 304-876-2783 or check out their website at www.lib.shepherdstown.wv.us.