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The Magic Touch: Capstone Method receives award from Virginia Living

By Staff | Sep 8, 2012

Virginia Living magazine declared the Capstone Method the Best Alternative Healthcare Business in the Shenandoah Valley for 2012.

The Capstone Method, owned by husband and wife Chris Crawford and Lori Robertson, was named the number one Best Alternative Healthcare Business in the Shenandoah Valley from the magazine.

Crawford explained that their business uses the Capstone Method, a technique the couple has put together. The Capstone Method is not a massage or a spa treatment. The couple’s technique comes out of the body of work called manual therapy.

Crawford said, “We help people with carpal tunnel, neck problems, back problems.”

Crawford and Robertson modified and customized the manual therapy techniques for their scope of practice. Their modified form of therapy became the unique system called the Capstone Method. The two continue to refine the system to maximize the results for their clients.

The Capstone Method has offices in both Winchester, Va. and Shepherdstown. This year marks the 13th year that the Capstone Method has been in business in Winchester. It is the fourth year it has been in business in Shepherdstown.

Both Crawford and Robertson are involved in the Shepherdstown area. Robertson is active in the local politics. She is the town recorder, president of Street Fest, on the board of the Shepherdstown Day Care, and more. Crawford is active in the local music scene. He organized the bands for the main stage at Street Fest, organizes benefits and plays in a reggae band, a blues band and a Grateful Dead cover band called Sacred Groove.

Crawford and Robertson received notice that they were up for the award earlier this year.

Crawford said, “At first, I thought it was a telemarketer.”

He returned the magazine’s message to learn more about the honor. Every alternative healthcare service in the Shenandoah Valley was up for the award, which could include other methods such as acupuncture, explained Crawford. The Virginia Living magazine decided on a winner based on the results of about 10,000 readers recommending the best businesses in various categories.

Robertson and Crawford learned that they had won the award last May.

Crawford said, “In that category, there’s so many high level professionals. It was an amazing honor. Quite a few people have been happy with the work. What we do helps people get back to what they do. It’s a great thing to do for a living. We love our job and we love Shepherdstown. We’re very appreciative.”

Crawford considers their thriving business a daily award.