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County Social Studies Fair winners named

By Staff | Nov 30, 2012

Charles Town Middle School was the site of the Jefferson County Schools’ annual Social Studies Fair, held on Nov. 17, with the following results:

Political Science: First Place, John Zaleski, Jefferson High School (“Property Rights in Space”); First Place, Emma Espinosa, Charles Town Middle School (“Electoral College: Is It Old School?”); Second Place, Cassie Chrisman, Shepherdstown Middle School (“How Do Political Ads Affect Your Voting Rights”);

Anthropology: First Place, Kassidy James, Harpers Ferry Middle School (“The Life and

Culture of the Apache American Indians”); Third Place, Carlos Lazo-Flores, Harpers Ferry Middle School (“Japanese Culture”); Second Place (small group); Dara Insixiengmay and Bryanna Deck, Charles Town Middle School (“How Has the Cherokee Culture Influenced American Life?”);

Economics: First Place (small group), Issac Hylton and Robert Gianinny, Wildwood Middle School (“Tobacco: In Our Economy”); Third Place (small group), Lonnie Briggs and Zane Janssen, Shepherdstown Middle School (“Econolympics”);

Geography: First Place, Katie Rice, Harpers Ferry Middle School (“Ancient Hydroponics”); Second Place, Jackson Crouse, Shepherdstown Middle School (“The Cost of Rising Sea Levels”); Third Place, Hannah Shaffer, Shepherdstown Middle School (“Global Warming: It’s a Hot Topic”);

Psychology: First Place, Julia Grimm, Harpers Ferry Middle School (“Not Your Common Phobias”)’

Sociology: First Place, Bailey Ballenger, Charles Town Middle School (“Why Does Fashion Revolve?”); Second Place, Ethan Gottlieb, Harpers Ferry Middle School (“Have E-Readers Increased Reading Among the Public?”); Third Place, Evan Fork, Harpers Ferry Middle School (“Effects of Propaganda on the Nazi Movement”); Honorable Mention, Cameron Boone, Wildwood Middle School (“Religions Around the World”); First Place (small group), Ariel Cifala and Katie Glenn, Shepherdstown Middle School (“How Trust Has Changed Since World War II); Second place (small group), Ciera Hansboraugh and Samantha Milbourne, Harpers Ferry Middle School (“Fashion: Is It a Cycle”); Third Place (small group), Angel Diaz and Deyana Boria, Harpers Ferry Middle School (“What Is the Catholic Church?”); Honorable Mention (small group), Sarah McClafin and Meghan DeLaney, Charles Town Middle School (“Human Immigration”);

State and Local: First Place, Ian Ward, Wildwood Middle School (“Who Is Charles Falkner?”) ;Second Place, Cole Bonbright, Shepherdstown Middle School (“What’s Lurking Under Greenbrier?”); Third Place, Karra Smith, Harpers Ferry Middle School (“Why Do People Visit WV?”); Second Place (small group), Kurt Acker, Ethan Howe, and Ben LeBlanc, Harpers Ferry Middle School (“Battle of Harpers Ferry”);

U.S. History: First Place, Abigail Desimone, Charles Town Middle School (“Harriet Tubman’s Influence on Slavery”); Second Place, Devon Logan, Harpers Ferry Middle School (“Contributions of Women During the Revolutionary War”); Third Place, Lily Kessler, Shepherdstown Middle School (“Salem Witch Trials: 1862”); Honorable Mention, Sabrina Szemborski, Harpers Ferry Middle School (“Washington Monument and Huntfield”); Honorable Mention, Jared Myers, Harpers Ferry Middle School (“Moon Landing: Fact or Fiction”); Second Place (small group), Juluan Plaza and Justice Sullivan, Charles Town Middle School (“The Battle Strategies and Formations of Antietam”); Honorable Mention (small group), Zach Ainsworth and Chris Kittlestad, Harpers Ferry Middle School (“History of Major League Baseball”); Honorable Mention (small group), Logan de Hoyas and Jacob Perry, Charles Town Middle School (“9//11: The Real Story”);

World History First Place, Dylan Thomas, Shepherdstown Middle School (“The Stalingrad: What If the Outcome Were Different?”); Second Place, Ben Yost, Shepherdstown Middle School (“1066: The Norman Conquest”); Honorable Mention, Megan Cardiel, Shepherdstown Middle School (“Jewish Children During the Holocaust”); Honorable Mention, Bryce Turney, Harpers Ferry Middle School (“Dachau”); Honorable Mention, Melody Hayes, Harpers Ferry Middle School (“Women’s Soccer”); Honorable Mention, Marina Haugh, Shepherdstown Middle School (“The Holocaust”); and Honorable Mention (small group, Emily Simmons and Matt Lopez, Charles Town Middle School (“How to Survive the Black Plague”).