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Bavarian Inn earns prestigious AAA Four-Diamond Award

By Staff | Feb 15, 2013

The Bavarian Inn has recently been awarded a Four-Diamond award for service, decor and cuisine, given out annually by the AAA.

In order to be considered for evaluation by the AAA, establishments must meet 27 requirements pertaining to cleanliness, comfort, security and safety. Once selected, the property has to demonstrate the “strict quality guidelines” outlined for approval.

According to the AAA website, only 4.8 percent of the AAA approved lodgings, totaling 30,000, receive a four diamond award each year.

With the receiving of a four-diamond award, such an honor recognizes that the Bavarian Inn provides excellent quality services for its patrons, which includes facilities, furnishings and amenities. The Inn also possesses a superb staff that is both experienced and professional.

Christian Assam, co-owner of the Inn, is very pleased with the award.

“We’re very proud to have it. It’s not something you can just expect to receive every year, it takes a lot of hard work. Our maintenance staff has to constantly upkeep the property, and our staff works hard every single day to make sure our guests are satisfied,” he said.

Attention to detail, and a tight knit operation are two major components that encompass the functioning of the Inn. According to Assam, it is this detail that sets it apart from other establishments.

“The main quality we have to focus on for the four-diamond award is our attention to detail. What really sets us apart from other establishments is the fact that we are a family owned operation. When somebody comes through the door they are greeted by either my brother, or myself or in the past, my mom or my dad. We recognize guests that frequent the inn, which gives it a more personal element.

“Since we have this hands-on approach, it runs well. It’s different than that of corporate model. Guests feel like they are being welcomed into their home,” he added.

In order to monitor the progress of the Inn to ensure such qualities, the AAA sends an inspector during either the spring or summer to assess the Inn. Arriving unannounced, he or she will make a reservation for a certain duration, staying at the Inn while at the same time going through the procedure of inspecting it for the designated AAA requirements. Only when the inspector has checked out, does he or she announce their role as such, at which point they will then request a meeting with the general manager, to review their findings, this according to Assam.

To earn a four-diamond award, the AAA’s review concludes that the establishments are upscale in all areas, which includes accommodations, physical attributes, hospitality, service and attention to detail.