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Police chief shares details on DMV program

By Staff | Feb 15, 2013

Shepherdstown Police Chief David Ransom has shared details on a program implemented at the Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) level that could ensure individuals receive proper medical treatment.

The Yellow Dot Program, now available to West Virginia citizens of any age, is designed to assist people who have a medical condition or who suffer from allergic reactions to certain medications. According to information found on the state’s Transportation Department website, in the event of an automobile crash or medical emergency, the Yellow Dot Program serves as a “Golden Hour” cooperative of local law enforcement, fire and rescue, emergency medical service providers, senior citizen groups, the state DMV and is made possible by the West Virginia Governor’s Highway Safety Program.

Those participating in the program affix a yellow dot on the outside of the lower left rear window of the vehicle. The dot shows responders that medical information is to be found in the vehicle’s glove box.

The process to participate involves visiting a DMV Regional Office and picking up a consent form to complete. A photograph will be taken and affixed to the information form. Upon completion of the form by each individual, the folder is placed in the glove box.The sticker in the window alerts responders to check the folder.

Individuals of all ages who consistently are operators or passengers in a given vehicle can visit the DMV for the photos and have information in the folder.

Many people suffer from common health issues that emergency responders should be aware of to provide proper care and treatment. There may be instances when individuals are unable to verbally provide that information.

For more information on the program, one can visit a local DMV office or go online to www.dmv.wv.gov/highwaysafety/yd.