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One Two Kangaroo, closed for business

By Staff | Mar 4, 2013

Shepherdstown’s One Two Kangaroo Toy Store has closed its doors.

Though it is the second business to close in downtown Shepherdstown in less than a month, former store owner, Laura Turman said she was faced with a couple of unique issues that led to her decision to close the store after five years as its owner.

“On many days, there’s a lot to overcome,” she said about running a business in a downtown climate that she described as “hard.”

For Turman, though sales had been consistent for the past five years, she received a bit of a blow when rent was increased by $250 for the German Street space last summer.

As the building had also already been put up for sale, Turman said the increase in rent furthered questions for her about whether or not it was feasible to remain profitable and secure in the location.

Though she considered both relocating and closing right then, Turman ultimately decided to try to “stick it out,” and moved forward into another “predictably good,” sales season over the holidays.

Turman said that with a dwindling inventory following the Christmas shopping boom, she was once again forced to consider what costs she could continue taking on.

After a lot of consideration, Turman decided at last to close One Two Kangaroo on her own terms and move forward with her life.

“It’s a good situation now for me,” she said. “I feel good about the decision.”

Turman, who bought the store from its original owner, Paula Tremba when it faced closing for the first time five years ago, said she hopes the store will see another day under different ownership in future.

“I hope somebody will pick it up,” she said.

A mother of two children, Turman explained that she bought the store because she realized that there is a real niche and need for the types of developmentally enriching toys it offered, and said she hope someone new will see its value too.

Turman said she will most miss the connections she’s made with customers who have become friends over the course of the store’s tenure.

“I’m so appreciative of people’s support,” she said.

“It was a good run.”