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This week from Charleston

By Staff | Mar 22, 2013

This week I introduced the Internet Privacy Protection Act, HB 2966. Employers seeking access to passwords or confidential information on social networks, email accounts or other protected Internet services is an invasion of privacy and will be a violation of the law if passed. Unfortunately, there have been increasing stories of employers asking job applicants and employees for their passwords. A password is like a key to all of your personal private information. It should a matter of personal choice as to how much information we would like to share. We would never give the key to your house to an employer to inspect your home or bedroom before hiring you, so we should not allow unfettered access to Facebook or a private email account. The amount of information we share, whether it be religious or political, is up to each individual. I believe we need to be constantly vigilant to protect all of our online interactions and treat them as privately as intended by the original user.

As many already know, the MARC train bill HB 2879 made it out of its first committee in the House. Senator Snyder and I are working hard to make sure that this legislation gets heard in Finance Committees in both the House and the Senate. We do not have the full support of the Eastern Panhandle delegation. This is a shame as the MARC brings so much to the Eastern Panhandle. I really must thank Senator Snyder for his leadership on the bill. If this is passed, it will help ensure the future of MARC and rail commuting in West Virginia.

Although the session is half over, we are really just getting started. Most of the harder bills are just now getting heard in the House or the Senate. I am ready for the really hard work. This next week, I will launch my new website so keep everyone as updated as possible.