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Jefferson County Day pronounced at capitol

By Staff | Apr 12, 2013

Both the Senate and the House offered resolutions once again establishing Jefferson County Day, as approximately two dozen individuals traveled to Charleston with Jefferson County Communications Outreach, an organization founded by Cheryl Keyrouze.

Keyrouze and her husband began to move to have Jefferson County Day at the Legislature five years ago when the two of them were the only ones to make the trip. Since then, a contingency has traveled to be recognized.

Individuals representing a variety of organizations and businesses went along on the trip this year. Among them were members of the Eastern Panhandle Organization of Homeowners Associations (EPOHOA), Earth Vibes, Grafton and the Jefferson County Convention and Visitors Bureau.

Individuals took the opportunity to meet with legislators on a variety of issues relevant to the county, to sit in on committee meetings and to learn how the process works in the House and Senate.

Local delegates and senators were available to answer questions and explain significant potential legislation at a social on Sunday evening as well as during breaks from the work on Monday.

Sen. Herb Snyder shared that this week is the busiest time at the legislature as only a few more days are available to get bills passed. As Del. Stephen Skinner shared in his report from Charleston last week, “cross-over day” was held where any bill that had hopes of survival had to pass out of one side of the legislature into the other for discussion and possible action. It was all of those bills that had delegates and senators focused on what could potentially become law by the end of the next few days.

Both the House and Senate took the time to offer a resolution recognizing Jefferson County Day. While the Senate welcomed visitors directly onto the floor of the Senate to be recognized, the House had called for a suspension in all such events because of the high work load. Instead, Del. Tiffany Lawrence read the resolution outside of the House Chamber before session began. The reading followed a performance of “Take Me Home Country Roads” by Todd Coyle, one of those who had traveled to Charleston.

David Zunker, director of the Jefferson County CVB, found the trip to be very useful. It afforded him the opportunity to visit the State Tourism office as well as the capitol.

The event has become an annual one, one which Keyrouze hopes to continue with a larger group traveling south next year. More information about Communication Outreach can be found at www.communicationoutreach.org.