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GardenFest features community sales

By Staff | May 24, 2013

Neighbors and friends set up shop during last weekend’s GardenFest with two public yard sale events held as part of a weekend’s worth of community activities.

The Trinity Treasure Kids Bazaar, held Saturday morning, was the sixth the local preschool has held as an outdoor fundraiser and mini carnival for kids.

The Trinity Treasure preschool is a Christian education program for children ages three to five -years old that’s open to the public.

“I think it’s going great,” said Christianna Sanbower who helped organize and volunteered at the event.

Sanbower’s daughter Lilianna, age three, has been going to the preschool for the last year and took part in Saturday’s funfair activities.

Organizers for the bazaar expressed excitement about the coordinated effort between the sale and the many community events taking place Saturday.

Only one block away, the first Back Alley Neighborhood Sale was held.

Town Council member David Springer and community members Bill Brown and Mary Clare Arose all helped organize the event, which took a traditional garage sale and gave it a community angle.

“We’ve played nicely together,” Springer said.

Every neighbor along Back Alley approved the daylong sale, many of whom participated.

As a perfect marriage of events visitors to the Back Alley Sale were invited to explore the garden of Julia Springer, David’s wife.

Billed as the “Capturing Nature’s Gifts,” spot on the Back Alley Tea and Tour, Julia explained that her relatively new garden, features a “Scree garden” area as well as an underground irrigation system that collects rain water to hydrate the plants.

Julia said it was nice to welcome guests to both the yard sale and Tea and Tour.

As David manned their yard sale goods, Julia guided guests throughout the garden they built together.

“I’m the ideas person; He’s the muscle,” she said.

Bill Brown said the cooperative nature of all of Saturday’s events made for a better experience for all involved.

“Everybody benefits form everybody elses’s presence,” he said.

The Back Alley neighbors plan to make their yard sale an annual event and hope to continue growing.

“There’s seven families that are participating today. We hope next year to have even more families, ” David Springer said.