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In Harmony with Tai Chi

By Staff | May 31, 2013

Harmony Healing Arts Center welcomes back Tai Chi. This June Harmony Healing Arts will once again feature a beginning Tai Chi class, taught by local Martial Arts instructor Cassie Bosley.

Bosley will take over Harmony’s Tai Chi instruction following the untimely death of longtime teacher Barbara Feldman, who passed away suddenly this past fall.

“I learned from her. Ill be carrying on her teaching in a way,” Bosley said.

The new class will be taught in the same style as Feldman’s, a traditional

“Yang long form style,” of Tai Chi featuring Qigong warm-ups.

‘Terry Lindsay co-owner of Harmony Healing Arts said Bosley’s class will be featured as part of the new summer session of classes to start at Harmony in June.

We do about 17 weekly classes, he said.

All other classes at Harmony are movement and Yoga of varying levels, which gives Tai Chi and unique place in the Harmony roster.

Unlike other classes like Yoga, Bosley described Tai Chi as a slow moving practice that focuses on the meditative movement of inner energy rather than “brute” physical strength.

“Some people have called it a moving meditation,” she said.

Both Bosley and Lindsay agreed that the class offers a healthful experience for people of any ability level, children to seniors.

“It’s a very accessible kind of practice,” Lindsay said.

Rooted in Martial Arts, Tai Chi is offers a low impact, low intensity class that garners heath and wellness benefits.

“It is a Martial Art, but we use in that way,” Bosley said.

Tai Chi has been know nto lower blood pressure, improve balance and focus, and improves bone density, Bosley said.

Though Bosley studied Martial Arts for many years before instructing Karate classes at Shepherd University, she said she decided to focus solely on Tai Chi as shes gotten older, as its benefits and pace are especially appropriate for aging adults.

She expressed excitement about giving Harmony Healing’s customers another chance at the ancient art form.

“It’s a nice addition to everything Harmony already offers,” she said.

The summer session of Tai Chi will kick off with a free preview, class on Wednesday, June 5, with regular classes beginning Wednesday, June 12. Registration is $112 for a 12-week course. Registration info is available on line at www.harmonyhealingarts.org. Find out more information by contacting Terry Lindsay at 304-582-0179 or Judy Jenner at 304-876-6918.The center is located at 211 E. New St.