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Songs for Life

By Staff | Jun 14, 2013

Local band, The Rolling Coyotes, performed to help 12-year-old Evan Frank bring clean drinking water to South Africa.

An ‘Americana’ band, comprised of song-writer Steve Warner, piano and accordion player Elliot Simon, and Andy Mosholder on bass and cello, held a special benefit concert, called “Songs For Life,” last Sunday evening at the Shepherdstown Opera House.

The event was inspired by Evan Frank, a resident of Harpers Ferry, who has been working since the age of eight, to raise money to build 100 fresh water wells for communities in South Africa.

“If you were born in these conditions, wouldn’t you want a helping hand,” he said in an interview last week.

Frank said he was first inspired when a special church service exposed him to the issues facing those without access to safe drinking water around the world.

Since then, he has collected donations by trick or treating at Halloween, making baked goods and performing yard work and various odd jobs throughout the community, trying little by little to raise awareness and raise funds.

“I just want to inform people,” he said about the effort he calls “One Well at a Time.”

The Songs for Life benefit show, was just one of many efforts staged to help Frank raise money for the organization “Water for Life.”

Rolling Coyotes front man, Steve Warner said he became involved in project after reading about Frank’s efforts in a local newspaper.

A long-time song writer, Warner penned a song inspired by Frank for a songwriting contest called “Chords for Courage.”

Though his song did not ultimately qualify for the contest, Warner said he knew he wanted to share it with Frank and his family, calling Frank a role model, for other kids.

“I knew I wanted to know this person,” he said.

“It’s turned into a wonderful relationship with both Evan and his parents.”

Since Warner’s involvement, a video for the Water For Life organization has been made incorporating the song Frank’s work inspired.

In addition to the performance by the Rolling Coyotes, and a special screening of the video, Frank gave a short presentation about his campaign at Sunday night’s Opera House event.

To date, Frank had raised $30,000 to go toward the cost of each $4600 well.

Warner called the Opera House show a “success,” as it raised $1537.25, all of which will go to “One Well at a Time.”