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Gas prices across the state and Panhandle continue to rise

By Staff | Jul 26, 2013

In a mimic of the national trend, gas prices throughout the state and the Eastern Panhandle continue to rise.

According to a release from AAA East Central, the average price of gas in Martinsburg is $3.823, approximately 20 cents greater than the state average of $3.628.

“We are seeing gas prices increasing across the territory as well as nationally. Nationally gas has increased three cents week over week and West Virginia increased a nickel week over week,” said Bevi Powell, director of communications for AAA East Central.

Gas prices have gone up this week. Here drivers fill up at the Martin’s gas pump in Martinsburg.

Powell listed several potential reasons for the steady rise in prices, including the political unrest in Egypt causing oil prices to rise and refinery issues in Canada, one of the prime resources for gas in America.

“West Virginia is really close to the Mid-Atlantic region and Northeast region and is experiencing, for this particular region, a sharp increase due to operation issues with the Irving’s Saint John Refinery in Canada,” said Christian Rollyson, district office supervisor for the West Virginia branch of AAA East Central.

“Any time you have a reduction in supply, you still have a high demand, especially with the summer driving season which will drive prices higher,” she said.

AAA East Central’s release states that there are no indicators of an upcoming reduction in gas prices either nationally or regionally.

“While not yet confirmed, market analysts believe that the Irving refinery is unlikely to return to full production until after the conclusion of the summer driving season in early September, which would be expected to keep upward pressure on prices,” the release reads.

Martinsburg’s lowest gas price for 2013 was $3.494 in January, and the highest gas price was $3.989 in February.

In one month, gas prices in Martinsburg have increased more than 20 cents. On June 25, the average gas price in Martinsburg was $3.621, on May 28 the average price was $3.559 and on April 30 the average price was $3.634.

In a sampling of average gas prices taken throughout the state by AAA East Central, Martinsburg was reported with the most expensive gas by at least 10 cents. The cities included in the comparison include Clarksburg, Huntington, Morgantown, Parkersburg, Weirton and Wheeling.