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How to get kids excited about the new school year

By Staff | Aug 2, 2013

(StatePoint) In a perfect world, all children would be enthusiastic about starting a new school year. But in the real world, some children will be reluctant, nervous, or annoyed about exchanging their summer fun for the classroom. How do you get kids motivated about going back to school?

While you can’t dole out pep talks during the school day, you can take steps at home to get kids excited about school all year long:

Set an Example

Off to work? If you act grumpy about the day ahead of you, your kids will take your cue. Over breakfast, be positive and upbeat. If your kids have apprehensions about school, their friends or after school activities, talk to them in a constructive way about what’s bothering them.

At dinner, remember to check in with them again. Tell them about what you did that day and ask them about what they learned.

Make Schoolwork Fun

Cool school supplies can inspire your kids to stay organized and motivated. Think colorful and cheerful designs and personalized back to school supplies, which can give kids a sense of ownership and pride over their school work.

For example, MyChronicleBooks, creates folders, journals, spiral notebooks and even stickers that can be customized with names and school subjects. To foster after school learning, thinking, doodling and dreaming, consider personalized Ivy and Bean journals.

Go the Extra Mile

Encourage your kids to do more than just go to school and come home. It’s in their art classes, on the basketball court and playing in the concert band where they will discover their talents and interests they didn’t know they have.

Extracurricular and after school activities provide a great social outlet for kids and are where some of the best memories of school days are made. If the school doesn’t have programs that interest your child, investigate other classes, teams and activities offered locally.

Customize Lunch

Add a little flair to lunch room drudgery. Remember to always pack a favorite snack or dessert to give your kids something to look forward to midday.

From pirates and princesses to dinosaurs and trains, ditch the paper bag in favor of a lunch box featuring your children’s interests. And personalizing the lunch box with their names can help prevent lost lunch mishaps. More information can be found at www.MyChronicleBooks.com.

From brighter moods to better grades, getting kids excited about the school year will have positive consequences.