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30 Days of Yoga for $30

By Staff | Sep 6, 2013

Harmony Healing Arts Center of Shepherdstown is kicking off its 13-week fall yoga session on Sept. 8, with a special offer to first-time Harmony students. Harmony co-director Terry Lindsay says, “To attract new students to our yoga program we are offering 30 days of unlimited yoga classes for just $30.”

Lindsay’s belief is that it takes about 21 days for someone to form a new life habit, so this offer is intended to encourage folks to give yoga practice a committed try for at least 30 days-at an irresistible price too. The fall yoga program offers 19 weekly classes, during morning and evening hours. New students can attend as many classes as they like each week until their 30 days expire. Then, hopefully, they’ll register for a regular weekly class or two. There are many yoga classes suitable for beginners every day of the week, and new students can try them all or two or three each week.

Lindsay says, “Often we have folks come try a yoga class and then maybe come back a second time and that is it. Our concern is that they didn’t find the right class to suit them. With 19 classes each week and 11 different teachers, it’s sometimes hard to pick one class and stick with it. Plus, people can’t necessarily afford to pay for multiple yoga classes each week until they find the right fit. Our hope is with this offer they can afford it and will find the right class and teacher for them.”

One new offering this fall is an hour-long, gentle-restorative yoga class that Lindsay will teach on Tuesday evenings from 7:158:15 p.m. He says if you are looking to ease into yoga this could be the right class for you. The class pays special attention to working with the joints of the lower back, pelvis, and hips. Many of the poses will be supported on the floor with the use of props, like blankets and cushions. Lindsay says, “Joints and connective tissue like gentle, prolonged tension rather then the rapid movement that muscles enjoy. We’ll take it slow and deliberate to help restore or improve the range of motion in the joints, and so everyone feels safe in the postures.”

The weekly fall lineup of classes will also include Qigong on Monday evenings, from 7:158:15 p.m. Qigong (pronounced Chee-gung) is an ancient Chinese practice of cultivating and unifying mind, body, and spirit. It does this through slow fluid movement and stillness in the body, balancing and nurturing the qi (chi) or energy, and deep abdominal breathing techniques. A free introductory class will be held on Monday, Sept. 9.

Harmony has a class suited to most everyone, young and old, fit or seeking fitness. Lindsay says, “We often hear folks say, ‘I can’t do yoga I’m not flexible enough,’ which is the very reason why they should join a yoga class, to become more flexible. People are living longer these days, so why not make those longer years as comfortable and active as they can-yoga can help!”

To take part in the “30 Days of Yoga for $30″ promotion, you must register in person at your first yoga class. One can find Harmony’s full fall yoga schedule at www.harmonyhealingarts.org . The 13-week program runs through Dec. 14, 2013 (No classes Thanksgiving Week). Returning students can register online, by mail, or at the yoga studio: Harmony Healing Arts Center, 211 E. New St., Shepherdstown, WV 25443. For more information call Terry Lindsay at 304-582-0179.