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Watch chimney swifts in town

By Staff | Sep 6, 2013

The Potomac Valley Audubon Society is organizing a Chimney Swift watch in Shepherdstown the evening of Friday, Sept. 6.

The event will be led by veteran birders Nancy and Elliot Kirschbaum. It will be free and open to everyone. Families with children will be welcome.

Those who wish to participate should plan to meet the Kirschbaums at 7 p.m. on High Street, by the Shepherd University greenhouses and bring their own binoculars and chairs.

Chimney Swifts are the constantly twittering small birds that are seen in flight over towns during the warm months. As fall approaches, they begin to congregate at night in communal roosts in large chimney towers prior to their annual fall migration. These roosts may contain many hundreds of birds.

Shepherdstown’s Chimney Swifts typically roost in the large chimney on the Shepherd University campus between White and Knutti halls. The site by the University greenhouses offers a good vantage point to watch them as they gather into a flock and swoop down into this chimney.

For more information about Chimney Swifts, go to www.chimneyswifts.org. For more information about the September 6 event, contact Nancy Kirschbaum at 304-268-8050 or nancyk500@comcast.net.

In the event of rain, the watch will be moved to Saturday, September 7 at the same time and place.