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Visual artists will participate in October art festival

By Staff | Sep 13, 2013

The organizers of “mailto:Artomatic@Jefferson”>Artomatic@Jefferson, the community-wide celebration of the arts taking place each weekend during October, have announced their lineup of visual artists. Nearly 40 visual artists from Jefferson and Berkeley County, as well as Virginia and Maryland are registered for the event.

“We’re delighted with the number of artists eager to participate,” announced Ginny Fite, Director of Artomatic@Jefferson. “We have over 30 artists from the Eastern Panhandle of W.Va. alone,” she added.

The event is free and open to the public, and will be open Friday, Saturday and Sunday during the month of October at the Rock & Tile building in Charles Town, located on Rt. 340 between Charles Town and Harpers Ferry.

“Because of our close proximity to Virginia, Maryland and the D.C. metro area, we are anticipating on welcoming over 7,500 visitors to the event,” said Fite. “Jefferson County is the perfect place to come for an autumn weekend getaway, especially if you have an appreciation for the arts,” she added.

In addition to the various visual art exhibits, Artomatic@Jefferson, which has been coined “a playground for artistic expression,” will feature workshops for artists, childrens activities, and musical and literary performances, all to be announced at a later date.

“What’s really exciting about “mailto:Artomatic@Jefferson”>Artomatic@Jefferson is that it is truly an event by the community, for the community,” explained Fite. “All artists are welcome; no one is turned away. The event is produced entirely by volunteers, and is free and open to anyone in the community,” she added.

“There is every type of art exhibited, so there is something for everyone’s taste,” says artist Kay Layne, who has shown in seven Artomatic events, and will be exhibiting at Artomatic@Jefferson as well.

Martinsburg artists include Michael Mendez and Virginia Winston.

Shepherdstown artists include: Judy Olson; Benita Keller; Emily Vaughn; Susan Carney; Marlene Mayman; Mary Lou Perrin; Neal Martineau; Diana Cooper; Natoma Vargason; Malcom Hally.

Harpers Ferry artists include: Gil Narro Garcia; Isabelle Truchon; Cathy Wilkin; Robert Linde; Ginny Fite; Anthony Forcione; Martha LeRoi; Cathy Wilkin.

Charles Town artists include: Greg McNabb; Joanna Athey; Annette Verna.

Kearneysville artists include: McKenzie Allen; Suzanne Ravgiala; Bruce Waldron.

Shenandoah Junction has one artist participating, Susan Holloway.

Virginia artists include Kay Layne from Ashburn and Heather Miller.

Maryland artists include Susan Park; Nerea Gibson; Mary Pat Wright.

For more information about Artomatic@Jefferson and possible volunteer opportunities, please contact Director Ginny Fite at gnnfite9@gmail.com or visit www.artomaticjefferson.com.