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Animal Blessing and Remembrance Service for Pets

By Staff | Oct 4, 2013

Historic Christ Reformed Church, Shepherdstown, will mark the Feast of St. Francis of Assisi, beloved gentle patron saint of Animals and Creation, on Friday, Oct. 4, 2013, at 6 p,m,. with a service of Vespers. The service will feature prayers for God’s creation, especially animals and those charged with their care, remembrance of deceased pets, and the blessing of animals. Worshipers are invited to bring photographs of their deceased pets to be displayed in the church’s windows. An opportunity to light candles in memory of beloved pets will be afforded.

Animals of all species are invited to attend this service. Those animals which are sociable or at least readily controlled on a leash or in a carrier are invited to come into the nave for this brief service. Larger species and less sociable critters will be able to worship from the church yard at the nave door immediately adjacent to the bell tower. Organ music during this service will be gentle to avoid offending the delicate ears of our animal guests. A reception featuring various animal treats will be served following the service. Offerings received during the service will promote animal welfare in Jefferson County. Christ Reformed Church is located at 304 East German St. in Shepherdstown.