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Event to recognize and honor pioneers, supporters and advocates of the library

By Staff | Oct 22, 2013

The Friends of Shepherdstown Library (FOSL) is hosting a fundraiser on Friday, Nov. 8, from 7-9 p.m. at the Shepherdstown Community Club. “OLD FOSL’S ROCK” will recognize and honor those who have been pioneers, founders, supporters and advocates of the library since the late 1990s and beyond. The following people have given their time, talent, effort and loyalty to bring the library to the point where it is today. They have mended and shelved books and materials, organized fundraising events, read and sung to babies and preschoolers, instigated the mechanism for creating the current “friends group” and assisted the library staff in many seen and unseen ways.

Anne Post, Vina Vaughn Parmesano, Ernest Johnston, Jean Neely, Jill Black, John Loughran (represented by daughter Lisabeth Loughran), Lily Hill, John Schley, Betsy Trump Coffey, Amy Young, Edwinna Bernat, Sandra D’Onofrio, Bonnie Sitman, Fran Brolle, Elaine Cambrel

Invited but unable to attend are Betty Egan, Tom Martin, Mina Goodrich, Deborah Rochfort and Lynn Truslow.

According to Ernest Johnson (first FOSL Secretary), the first FOSL meeting included 8-10 citizens who met “in response to a need.” Some of the members had lived in the DC area and knew of the benefits of “Friends of the Library” groups. Jean Neely remembers helping name the organization (they liked the FOSL acronym) and she and Ernest wrote the original constitutional bylaws. Vina Vaughn was a FOSL founding member and the original Treasurer. She gathered with others to complete the long process of formation which officially ended with FOSL’s incorporation on Nov. 28, 1995. FOSL grew quickly, counting more than 100 members and over $3,000 by December 1995.

Many of those who share their history with FOSL still keep up with current organization events. Vina Vaughn, for instance, held her 80th birthday party this July at the FOSL-hosted summer movie, complete with cupcakes, ice cream cones, popcorn and friends.

FOSL looks forward to a night to honor these remarkable and dedicated people. For those interested in making a contribution in the name of someone listed, FOSL will accept donations and publish the names of those making the donation in our evening’s program.