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Maintain Don’t Gain offered again this year

By Staff | Oct 25, 2013

Commit to making this holiday season more healthy and enjoyable. Maintain, Don’t Gain can help!

It was once thought that people gained five to 10 pounds over the holidays from Thanksgiving to New Year’s. Research shows that people may actually only gain one to two pounds. The problem is that most people don’t lose that weight. The weight accumulates from year to year and may explain mid-life weight gain. People who are overweight tend to gain more than one to two pounds; they gain five or more pounds during the holidays.

Researchers found two main things that influence weight gain over the holidays; level of hunger and level of activity. Those who said they were active and less hungry were the least likely to gain weight. Increased physical activity and not letting oneself get too hungry may be effective in preventing weight gain over the holidays.

To help maintain weight and stay healthy over the holidays, WVU Extension-Berkeley County is teaming up with The Wellness Center @ Berkeley Medical Center, Berkeley Senior Services, Anytime Fitness, Berkeley County Health Department and the Martinsburg Mall to bring you the “Maintain, Don’t Gain Challenge.” Weigh ins will be the week of Nov. 10, and weigh outs will be the week of Jan. 5, 2014. A similar program is available in Jefferson County from WVU Extension-Jefferson County.

“Studies have shown, weighing in before the holidays and weighing out after is motivation enough to avoid the usual weight gain. Maintain, Don’t Gain offers several convenient locations to weigh in and weigh out to keep you on track for the holidays” said Sue Flanagan of WVU Extension.

When participants weigh in, they will receive a newsletter with helpful tips and info on obtaining passes to participating fitness centers. They will also receive a bi-weekly newsletters by email.

Participants who weigh in and weigh out will be eligible to attend the end of program Celebration on Jan. 21, 2014 from 6-7:30 p.m. at the Berkeley Senior Center. All those who weigh in and weigh out will be entered in the prize drawing at the celebration. Those who maintain their weight (within two pounds if starting weight is less than175 pounds and within three pounds if starting weight is greater than 175 pounds) will receive two entries in the prize drawing. One must be present at the celebration to win.

For more information about Maintain, Don’t Gain, contact Sue Flanagan at WVU Extension 304-264-1936 or Sue.Flanagan@mail.wvu.edu. Make plans to stay healthy this holiday and Maintain, Don’t Gain to stay healthy and prevent weight gain for a lifetime.