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Community Club notes

By Staff | Dec 13, 2013

The Shepherdstown Community Club, at the December Board of Director’s meeting, voted unanimously to re-elect the current four Officers of the Club to serve for a third one year term. The officers are Tom Huddleston, president; Austin Porter, vice president; Marit Davis, treasurer; and Don Davis, secretary.

The Board of Director’s is also pleased to announce the election of two new board members, effective this month. They are Ms. Katharine Coykendall and Ms. Stephanie Shields, both of Shepherdstown. This brings the board to a total of 11 members, five of which are women and six are men, and a nice balance with an infusion of young ideas and energy, as well as keeping the harmonious and smooth working relationship among current board members.

Of historic interest, Stephanie Shields is the third generation of her family to serve on the Board of the Community (Men’s) Club….. preceded by Etts Elliott, grandmother, and past president of Men’s Club; and father, Mark Shields, current board member.