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Shamanism Class for middle school students

By Staff | Feb 7, 2014

A four-class session in shamanism will begin Friday, Feb. 28 from 4-5 p.m. at the Harmony Healing Arts Center: 211 East New St., Shepherdstown. The course, sponsored and taught by Bill O’Brien, is for middle-school students only. Shamanism is a once universal method of healing, connecting with the natural world and with the spirits of nature. It is practiced by a process of entering through the imagination.

“Science is telling us that the imagination of our young people is being diminished because of overexposure to TV, computers, and video games. Albert Einstein is reputed to have said that imagination is more important than knowledge,” explains Mr. O’Brien.

“Participants in this class will strengthen their imaginations, increase their awareness of their bond with the natural world, and learn methods for overcoming fears and limitations through a process called journeying. They will also become more familiar with the inner world of spirit,” he adds.

Shamanism does not contradict or replace any religion but will be experienced as complementary. The class will continue for four weeks, through March 21. The fee for the course is $30. Materials will be provided.

Presenter Bill O’Brien, M.A., M.Div., has been a resident of Shepherdstown since 2005 and is a former Jesuit priest, a trained shaman with 14 years experience, a longtime practitioner of spiritual development, and a meditation teacher. Mr. O’Brien is the author of Walking With Nathaniel: Essays on the New Spiritual Quest and he has been featured on NEWS4 (Washington, D.C. television station) “God in Washington” series; The Dennis Wholey Show on public television; and Family Matters with Dr. Paul Gottlieb on Philadelphia public radio. He also writes a monthly column for the Shepherdstown Chronicle.

Register by calling Mr. O’Brien at 304-876-6071 or e-mailing (nathanielcenter@gmail.com). The $30 fee is payable at the first class (Please make out checks to Nathaniel Center).