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Winter whiteout hits Shepherd students

By Staff | Feb 28, 2014

The recent snow storm that covered the East Coast left cars buried under snow, schools closed down for the day, and abandoned vehicles on the highway. There is no denying that the storm that hit, last week, was one of the more sever ones that the eastern panhandle has seen in recent years. Shepherd University sent out a RAVE alert at 9:30 p.m., on Wednesday night, informing students the campus would be closed on Thursday. With the university and local businesses shut down due to the severity of the storm, Shepherdstown felt more like a ghost town. However, there are a number of students that get stuck on campus, despite it being shut down. So what is it exactly that students whom are stuck on campus do on days like these?

Why, homework of course.

While that may be a logical assumption, the students of Shepherd University kept busy with other activities during this winter whiteout.

Thursday morning students on campus looked out their windows to find mounds of snow where they thought they left their car. Several parking lots on campus were covered in white, as the snow continued throughout the day, making it impossible for some to leave the premises.

Senior Andrew Kravetz resides in University Heights more commonly known as “UH”, located right outside of the Shepherd campus.

“I walked out of my apartment and realized I wasn’t going anywhere in my car,” Kravetz said.

He went on to say that at one point in the day it was snowing so profusely, that after he had cleared a pathway to his car, it was covered in snow, yet again, after only 2 hours.

Not only were the parking lots a mess, but road conditions were tragic as well. On the slim chance that you were able to dig your car out of the snow, actually driving to a new destination would be a task in itself. While most individuals stayed in doors on Thursday, the few that did brave the winter winds, traveled by foot to get where they had to go.

One of the more popular places that students visited during the storm was the local Sheetz, due to the fact that it is easily accessible and it was one of the few places that stayed open. Students braved the winter weather and trudged to the handy mart to stock up on food drinks and other necessities.

While a few brave souls ventured to local eateries and grocery stores, most students spent the day putting their Netflix accounts to good use. In a recent Facebook poll, watching movies resulted as the most popular activity that students did on a snow day, followed by baking cookies, and going to the gym.

When asked if he spend his snow day hitting the books, Shepherd senior Sam Moore responded by saying, “Is my mom going to see this?”

A handful of students did, actually, spend the snow filled day catching up on their studies. The snow day even resulted in some exams being cancelled, which gave students a little more time to review.