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2014 Math Field Day winners announced

By Staff | Mar 7, 2014

Jefferson County Schools’ annual Math Field Day was held recently at Wright Denny Intermediate School, with Tara Mahoney, Coordinator of Elementary Schools, grade three through five, as the coordinator of the entire event. More specifically, Barbara Milleson and Jeremy Wilt worked with the high school math field day, and Brian Bauer worked with grades four through eight.

The results for the high schools were as follows:

Ninth Grade: First Place Avery Younis, Jefferson High School; Second Place Virginia Milleson, Washington High School; Third Place Ally Ward, Jefferson High School; Alternates _ Dara Insixiengmay, Washington High School; Matthew Moore, Jefferson High School, and Denali Neidig, Jefferson High School. The team winner was Jefferson High School

Tenth-Twelfth Grades: First Place Jim Park, Jefferson High School; Second Place Ian MacLeod, Washington High School; Third Place Timmy Scott, Washington High School; Fourth Place Connor Frasier, Washington High School; Fifth Placc Tyler Steffey, Jefferson High School; Sixth Place Brad Myers, Jefferson High School; Seventh Place Jonathan Hayden, Washington High School; Eighth Place Malika Briggs, Jefferson High School; Ninth Place Michael Joy, Washington High School; and Tenth Place Felix Janssen, Jefferson High School.

The Alternates were Adri Persad, first alternate, Jefferson High School; Bonnie Walton, second alternate, Washington High School; Jack Younis, third alternate, Jefferson High School; John Fauver, fourth alternate, Washington High School; Bronson Ballard, fifth alternate, Jefferson High School; Tim Joy, sixth alternate, Washington High School; Chad Wall, seventh alternate, Jefferson High School; Stephen Groh, eighth alternate, Washington High School; Grace Guiney, ninth alternate, Jefferson High School; and Billy Burgess, tenth alternate, Jefferson High School

The team winner for Grades 10-12 was Jefferson High School.

The results for grades four through eight were as follows:

Fourth Grade: First Place Cavin Davis, Driswood Elementary School; Second Place Collin Guedel, Shepherdstown Elementary School; Third Place Kyle de Nobel, Shepherdstown Elementary School. First alternate Marissa Jordan, Ranson Elementary School, and Second alternate Alex White, Blue Ridge Elementary School.

The fourth grade school team winner was Driswood Elementary School.

Fifth Grade: First Place AnthonyBean, Driswood Elementary School; Second Place Ross Elkon, Driswood Elementary School; Third Place Sara Menz, Wright Denny Intermediate School. First alternate Nicholas Moore, Shepherdstown Elementary School, and Second alternate Sierra Knott, C.W. Shipley Elementary School.

The fifth grade school team winner was Driswood Elementary School.

Sixth Grade: First Place Matthew Spiker, Shepherdstown Middle School; Second Place Daniel Moylan, Charles Town Middle School; Third Place Jessica Fisher, Wildwood Middle School. First alternate Abby White, Harpers Ferry Middle School, and Second alternate Kenny Harris, Harpers Ferry Middle School.

The sixth grade team winner was Harpers Ferry Middle School.

Seventh Grade: First Place Daisy Levine, Shepherdstown Middle School; Second Place Zachary Knott, Harpers Ferry Middle School; Third Place Michael Morisak, Shepherdstown Middle School. First alternate Matt Lyons, Wildwood Middle School, and Second alternate Nathan Cubellis, Shepherdstown Middle School.

The seventh grade team winner was Shepherdstown Middle School.

Eighth Grade: First Place Beau Lowery, Wildwood Middle School; Second Place Nick Chapman, Wildwood Middle School; Third Place Jackson Stewart, Charles Town Middle School. Firs alternate Isaac Vila, Charles Town Middle School, and Second alternate David Dinges, Shepherdstown Middle School.

The eighth grade team winner was Wildwood Middle School.

The students who place first, second and third will go on to compete in the Regional Math Field Day on March 10 at Shepherd University. Students who place first, second, and third in the regional competition will be eligible to compete on the state level on April 26, at Bethany College.