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Rucker seeks Delegate seat

By Staff | Mar 14, 2014

The 67th District West Virginia State Delegate race has a new face this year. Patricia Rucker is running for the seat for the first time. Rucker is a mom and active volunteer in the community and is eager to bring her experience and enthusiasm to the state house on behalf of her fellow citizens. She believes politics as usual has continually kept WV lagging behind our neighboring states and a fresh perspective for the 67th District will be the key to leading our state to better days ahead.

“I am running because I care about our community and because I want to work toward the best future for my children and for all of our families,” Rucker said.

Her goals include improving education by bringing more decision making power to the local community, making state government more efficient and reducing the regulations which make WV a tough place to start a business. She believes: “The disparity between our community and those right across the border from us in neighboring states, in terms of job opportunities, shopping choices and maintenance of infrastructure is too big to be a coincidence. We need leaders that will work to bring the WV economy to where it should be. The citizens of the 67th District deserve better leadership than they have right now.”

Since moving to Harpers Ferry eleven years ago, Patricia has been active in the community serving as a volunteer in 4-H, Jefferson County Little League, church activities, environmental groups and is the founder of We The People of West Virginia-Jefferson County, a bi-partisan group based on the principles of limited government, fiscal responsibility and Constitutional integrity.

She has been involved in organizing forums and educational workshops to help her fellow citizens become more informed, something which is close to her heart since becoming a U.S. citizen nine years ago.

“As a relatively new citizen, and first-generation immigrant, my concern over the state of my country is a priority. I want to serve my country as best as I can because I care to preserve the traditions that made this country the land of opportunity for me, and all those wanting the freedom to follow their dreams,” she said.

Patricia Rucker’s family moved here from Venezuela when she was six years old. As soon as she was old enough, she began pursuing her dream of citizenship a dream that took her many years to realize, which makes it all the more meaningful to her that she is now running for office for the first time. She is looking forward to having the opportunity to reach out to help and educate others.

She can be contacted by email at patriciaruckerfordelegate@gmail.com or website: patriciaruckerfordelegate.com