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Service celebrated

By Staff | Mar 21, 2014

Shepherdstown Fire Department took time to recognize the service of their fire and Emergency Medical Service providers at their annual banquet Saturday evening. Following a delicious meal provided by Betty’s Restaurant, members and community volunteers were honored.

Top responders were recognized on both the fire and ambulance side of the company’s service with the top responders receiving plaques for their outstanding work. Topping out with the most fire calls was Jeff Agnew who ran a total of 169 calls in 2013. Following a ways behind Agnew were Fred Wood with 99 calls and Ross Morgan with 95. Also recognized were Brandon Potts and Andy Tarbell with 77 calls each; Zachary Morgan with 74 calls; Brian Fluharty with 67, Ryan Minch with 59, Cory Beverage with 57 calls and Tim Seibel with 48 for the year. The top responding fire officer was Daniel Henderson with 126 calls.

EMS responders topping out the list for most calls included Ryan Rudy qith 181 calls, Marshall DeMeritt with 159 calls and Fred Wood with 96 calls. Also recognized were Daniel Henderson with 92 calls, Ryan Minch with 89, Cory Beverage with 88 calls, Krystofer Lomax with 85 calls, Ty Bowers with 77, Jeff Agnew with 70 and Amber Frye with 64 EMS calls in 2013. Top EMS officer was John Grove with 190 calls..

Member’s Choice Awards were presented to those officers the entire membership selected with a vote. Top administrative officer was Libby Nester while James “Gator” Locke was honored as the top fundraiser. Outstanding fire officer recipients Andy Tarbella nd Craig “Twiggy” Simpson tied in the vote getting while Marshall DeMeritt took top honors for EMS officer. Outstanding Staff Officer was James “Gator” Locke and Outstanding Live-Ins were John Grove and Fred Wood..

Department Treasurer Denny Barron recognized Ross Morgan as the Outstanding Fund Raiser for the company while Scott Mauck, Bev Dawsona nd Marty Braithwaite were honored for their continued service to the company through fundraising, ticket selling and apple butter making.

Craig Simpson presented Libby Nester with his President’s Award while Ross Morgan selected Jeff Agnew for his prestigious Fire Chief’s Award. EMS Chief’s Award was given by Leslie Simpson to Ryan Rudy. Rookie of the Year, given by Morgan and Leslie Simpson, went to Vincent Chicchirichi.

The banquet gave recognition to members who have served for certain numbers of years. Broken down in increments of five, several members were recognized for years of service. Topping that list for 45 years of service to Shepherdstown Fire Company were Pete Kelly and Doug Pittinger.

An Honorary Lifetime Membership was awarded to W.E. Bill Knode, Jr. for his devotion to the company and to the community. Mr. Knode was unable to attend the banquet, due to health restrictions. Craig Simpson explained that there are only four other lifetime honorees. They include Kenny and Gay Barron, Mary Ann Morgan, Peter Chakmakian and Emma Locke.

Officers for the 2014 year were sworn at the end of the awards presentations and the remainder of the evening was spent dancing and enjoying time with friends. Stand-by units from Bakerton Fire Company and Independent Fire’s Ambulance service allowed the members to take a well-deserved night off.