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New moves for Mellow Moods

By Staff | Apr 11, 2014

Mellow Moods Cafe and its sister business Jala Yoga will be serving a new community of customers, with news that the two German St. mainstays will now operate in a second location in Charles Town.

Last week Mallow Moods announced via Facebook that both businesses will soon take up residence on Washington St., in downtown Charles Town.

Mellow Moods owner, Phil Mastrangelo said the move happened as a result an offer he couldn’t refuse.

“They just kept lowing the price for us,” he said.

“It was a no brainier,”

He explained that the spot previously occupied by Beasleys Bookstore and Eccentricities, offered ample space and infrastructure to move in.

Mellow Moods Cafe will occupy the front end of the new space and Jala Yoga will take the back.

“It’s exciting because we’re trying to expend our offerings of healthy food and just an alternative lifestyle to another city,” he said.

Mastrangelo said he thinks Mallow Moods offers a niche that no other restaurant in Charles Town currently fills.

“We’re going to bring the same concept down there, mainly because there is just no competition in terms of what people need,” he said.

“Everything here is non- GMO… It’s organic and it starts as whole food, and most restaurants don’t start with whole food anymore,” he said.

A local resident, Mastrangelo said that though he loves Shepherdstown and hopes to keep it as his home base, the expansion to a Charles Town location may offer better results for business.

“I don’t ever want to leave Shepherdstown,” he said.

“The overhead in Shepherdstown is so high, that its actually restricting my business right now.”

“I’m actually in hopes that Charles Town is going to be better financially for us.”

Mastrangelo said the first expansion of Mellow Moods will be the litmus test for future endeavors.

“We’re going to see how this first one goes,” he said.

As the Shepherdstown location enters into its eighth year in business this week, Mastrangelo said he has considered his ultimate dream for Mellow Moods, which includes multiple locations around the local area.

“I would love to see Mellow Moods as a bigger, but still ‘family’ business,” he said.

The second iteration of Mellow Moods will include a few new offerings.

Though Mastrangelo said the menu will largely stay the same. the new location will serve local organic beers and wine, and potentially more fish and poultry options to “round out” the menu out.

The second location is slated to open May 10, according to Mastrangelo though that date is subject to change.

Mastrangelo is currently hiring for both locations.

To find more info about Mellow Moods and Jala Yoga, visit www.mellowmoodsjuicebar.com and www.jalayogaflow.com of find them on Facebook.