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Monthly network group kicks off at Clarion

By Staff | Apr 25, 2014

The initial meeting of a newly formed business networking group drew a sizable turnout Tuesday at The Clarion Hotel and Conference Center. Organized by Melanie Miller, of Sonic Promotions, the group will meet the last Tuesday of each month to share ideas about how to improve small business in Jefferson County and surrounding areas.

Miller, who was behind the recent Go Pro in Business event held at American Public University, said that she wants to do all she can to help businesses in her community succeed. The networking group is one way she hopes will do just that.

“I am just the coach,” she told attendees Tuesday. “This is not ‘my’ group, this is about a team helping each other.”

Offering some initial ground rules, Miller said that in the group, there will be no “cliques.”

“There is no good old boy network here,” she said. “Everyone is to be treated with respect and as part of the group.”

After a round of introductions and sharing on what businesses were represented, Miller told all who were present to remember to bring business cards and any flyers about events they wish to share to the next meeting.

She said that the main thing she wanted to get across at the initial meeting is that each person has to be interested in how they can help someone else.

“You have to realize it’s not all about you,” she laughed. The purpose of the group is to share ideas, but also to offer support. Miller said that support is especially important to those small businesses that are home-based.

“You don’t want to be alone,” Miller said. “Especially if you are discouraged call someone!”

The next meeting of the group will deviate from the regularly proposed schedule and meet on May 20 at 11:30 at the Clarion, due to the Memorial Day holiday. All are welcome and encouraged to attend.