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First Autism Summit to be held in region

By Staff | Jul 11, 2014

Here in the Eastern Panhandle, families with family members on the Autism Spectrum and physicians, nurses, teachers, paraprofessionals and caregivers are looking forward to the First Annual Autism Summit in July. Co-Directors Sarah Moerschel MD, Associate Professor of Pediatrics West Virginia School of Medicine and Carolyn Brubaker, Special Program Officer for Eastern Panhandle Indigo Children (EPIC) announced that the First Annual Autism Summit of the Eastern Panhandle will be held July 15 -16, 2014 at the Robert C. Byrd Health Science Center in Martinsburg, West Virginia.

Speakers, contributors and participants are a culmination of an impressive collation of health, education and non-profit organizations working together to improve life outcomes for young people living with autism.

Partners and contributors include West Virginia University Medical School, West Virginia University Health System – physicians, residents, and nurses, Marshall University’s Autism Training Center staff, Jefferson County public school teachers and Eastern Panhandle Indigo Children leadership team members (a regional autism nonprofit).

EPAS is being established with the goal of strengthening education, awareness and medical services to promote the improved health and education of young people living with autism. From this coalition, we will build a foundation to create and sustain an Autism Clinic affiliated with the West Virginia University East Health System. All of EPAS’ partners plan to ensure real change in the Eastern Panhandle for persons living on the spectrum and their families who love them. Below is a summary of the EPAS agenda for your reference:

This unique summit will provide autism education and outreach trainings conducted by Marshall University Autism Training Center experts to 3 discrete populations in our eastern panhandle community including: Jefferson County Public Schools teachers and paraprofessionals (July 15, 9-3); Mini-Med School for the Community at large (July 15, 7 8); WVU Department of Family Medicine and Residents (closed to public); and CME for Berkeley County physicians and nurses (closed to public).