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Kids’ businesses a hit

By Staff | Aug 1, 2014

Morgan’s Grove Market hosted a group of new vendors Saturday, when local children set up shop for “Kids Entrepreneur Day.”

Sisters Nicole, age 10 and Brielle Lambert, age 8., of “Peace- Love Cupcakes,” were excited to sell out completely by Saturday afternoon.

Nicole said learning math and time management skills and interacting with customers were her favorite parts of the experience.

“I liked to explain about the different foods, ” she said.

Lambert said that she and her sister worked for more than six hours on the array of cupcakes they sold with the help of their mother Sara.

Sara Lambert said Nicole immediately stepped up to participate in the event along with 30 other kids.

“She always has these ideas,” Lambert said, explaining that Nicole often spends her weekends selling lemonade at the end of their driveway.

“She wants to have a store.”

Lambert said “Kids Entrepreneur Day,” gave Nicole the opportunity to plan a booth and product all on her own, evaluating needed supplies, labor and potential profits all by herself.

“I’m really proud of her,” she said.

Nicole’s father Paul Lambert said he was grateful to the event’s organizers for the unique experience.

“As a concept it’s, great- the idea of encouraging kids to invent and create,” he said.

Paul said the opportunity to think outside of the box and experiment with ideas in realistic way is important for kids in a world where they’re often encouraged to follow trends.

“It’s a brilliant idea,” he said.

Paul said that he was impressed with the community’s support of the event all day, which he said is crucial in encouraging kids to try new things.

“All the people who showed up are making it fun,” he said.

Susie Wilmer, vendor manager for Morgan’s Grove Market said the event was designed to offer kids an real-world business experience.

“It was a chance to come and experience setting up their own little business,” she said.

At 15 different booths, children of all ages, sold items of their own making or design, including mini-bird feeders, slushy and lemonade drinks, planters with succulents and make-believe products like “monster spray,”

“Gosh they came up with some really great ideas,” Wilmer said.

“There was several of them who sold out!”

Wilmer said interest was so great, the market may hold a similar event in the future though no official plans have been made.

The market will celebrate “Customer Appreciation Day,” this weekend with music, freebies and special deals for customers.

Visit the Morgan’s Grove Markets Facebook for upcoming events and vender information at: www.facebook.com/morgansgrovemarket.