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A New Fit Park

By Staff | Aug 11, 2014

Hidden in plain view, one of Shepherdstown’s many local parks now offers an alternative work out option for the community.

In June an adult fitness center was added to Cullison Park alongside the children’s playground, both adjacent to Rumsey Monument Park on Mill St.

Planning Commissioner David Rosen said the fitness park was born from public input given during the community’s first public forum on Shepherdstown’s Comprehensive Plan last year.

“Really, this comes out of the new Comprehensive Pan that we’re working on,” he said

Rosen explained that each park within the Corporation of Shepherdstown is intended to have a specific purpose for residents. Rumsey Monument Park for example, serves as a “contemplative park,” to sit and think.

“Cullison was actually supposed to be an activity park,” he said.

A small field near the playground area was meant to serve as a place for activity, though Rosen believes many residents were unaware of its intended purpose.

“People didn’t even realize the field was town property,” he said.

The new fitness area includes 10 to 12 different stations, including sit up benches, pull up bars, adult monkey bars, and a balance beam.

Each piece of equipment is marked with instructional signage for use.

The new fitness park was funded through a grant from Freedom’s Run and matching funds donated by the Corporation of Shepherdstown.

Freedom’s Run founder Mark Cucuzzella said that contributing to the park area falls directly in line with the Freedom’s Run objective.

“Our goal is continuing to raise money for projects that get kids and adults outside,” he said.

Held annually the 5k/10k/half and full marathon race along with its kids’ run and various activities, has earned dollars toward various local trail programs and outdoor activity initiatives.

Cucuzzella said the park offers a safe and most importantly “fun,” new amenity for active locals.

“Fun is the key to any physical activity,” he said.

Mike Chalmers, a resident and member of the popular Mud Dogs work out group, said he and other group members have already made good use of the new equipment.

“The equipment is diverse in its offerings and provides a nice range of core strength options to agility to coordination and balance,” he said.

“It’s also different from the exercise station at Morgan’s Grove, so it sort of allows for a unique experience when exercising on the Monument grounds.”

Cucuzzella said the fitness area is a convenient downtown stop for those on the go.

“If people are doing a walk or run through town they can swing into Cullison,” he said.

The next Freedoms Run event will be held October 4, 2014. For more information about Freedoms Run visit its official web site at www.freedomsrun.org.

To find more area parks visit the Corporation of Shepherdstown web site at: www.shepherdstown.us.