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Rotary hosts C-SPAN founder

By Staff | Sep 12, 2014

Brian Lamb, founder and retired CEO of C-SPAN visited the Shepherdstown Rotary Club to discuss some of his work Tuesday morning.

As he explained, some of his favorite professional work has been conducting thousands of interviews for the C-SPAN the programs “Booknotes” and “Q&A.”

Lamb said he started “Booknotes,” because he felt authors don’t often get an ample venue to discuss their new works.

“They got about six minutes on the Today show,” he said.

“I got so excited watching authors.”

Lamb said his show “Booknotes,” gave him the opportunity to sit and enjoy an extended conversation with notable writers and historians.

“You get to listen to them talk about their lives. There’s nothing like it.”

Lamb is known for his special enthusiasm for his subjects, often approaching an interview with questions he thinks the average person would ask.

He shared personal anecdotes from interviewing the likes of former president Ronald Reagan, supreme court justices, various authors and historians like Shelby Foote.

“We actually went to his house and did a three hour program, believe it or not, in his bedroom,” Lamb said of Foote.

“The dedication of these authors has just been amazing to learn over the years.”

During his presentation Lamb gave away various books he’s contributed to, mostly compilations of interview material.

“I’m not a writer, but I thought, wouldn’t it be fun to write a book,” Lamb said of getting started.

Lamb said most of the success he’s achieved in life is not the result of particular talent, but rather a willingness to participate.

“I showed up,” he said.

C-SPAN was founded in 1979. C-Span televises programs covering U.S. federal government proceedings and other pubic affairs programming.

C-SPAN has grown to include three tv stations, one radio station and multiple web sites where streaming and archival programs are available for viewing.