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Unique remembrance staged at fire station

By Staff | Sep 22, 2014

Ernie Brown, better known as “Turtle Man” from the popular Animal Planet series, helped lead a unique service commemorating the anniversary of Sept. 11.

The ceremony had members of the Shepherdstown Fire Department and various police forces gathered to recreate the “chaos” of the events of that tragic day. For a few brief seconds, the members, in full gear, blue sirens, horns and ran between vehicles as if they were responding to the scene.

Brown called the reenactment a way to honor those who served and those who lost their lives in 2001.

Following the “chaos” first responders stood in silence with heads bowed as Brown called for a symbolic shedding of tears.

Two fire hoses were set to mist with the droplets representing the tears that were shed around the country .

“This is a way to catch that emotion and keep the memory of that alive,” Brown said.

Brown shared where he was on that fateful day, saying, “I was down at a turtle pond when I heard the news. I dropped everything I was doing to get to my family,” he said.

Brown then made time to pose for photos with members of the fire and rescue community as well as with the general public who were in attendance.

“I try to cheer people up,” Brown said. “I just like to make people happy.”