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Neighbors can earn credit for help

By Staff | Oct 17, 2014

Good Shepherd Caregivers is looking to raise funds through a unique grant program that would see neighbors helping neighbors.

The Neighborhood Investment Program (NIP) allows community members to receive tax credit on West Virginia tax returns for charitable donations.

Good Shepherd Caregivers Executive Director Paula Marrone-Reese said the program helps assist the nonprofit by providing funds that go toward its operating costs.

“Nonprofits fill the gap between private services and government services,” she said.

Good Shepherd Caregivers is dependent on annual fundraiser and donations.

The nonprofit coalition of faith-based groups provides assistance to local senior citizens and those living with disabilities that limit mobility and independence.

NIP provides what Marrone-Reese calls a “win-win situation,” for those interested in donated to Good Shepherd.

Karen Kinnett, Good Shepherd’s tax accountant explained NIP’s significance.

Because itemized charitable donations are normally prohibited on personal income fillings in West Virginia, NIP is a uniquely beneficial for donors.

Kinnett said that depending on the donors tax bracket, a $1,000 dollar contribution, could earn a $500 dollar credit voucher on state income taxes. Additionally, contributors can list itemized donations on their federal return to receive a deduction.

In total, a contribution of $1,000 dollars could earn the donor $800 dollars back.

“From my perspective as a PPA (certified public accountant) it’s a great investment on your donated dollar,” Kinnett said.

Marrone-Reese said NIP helps residents give directly back to the community their own community.

“There are so many good causes to donate to.”

“For those who live and work here, we really want our neighborhoods to flourish,” she said.

Kinnet, who is an original Good Shepherd Caregivers board member, said the organization knew it had found a special program in NIP from the beginning.

The nonprofit raised around $10,000 dollars in its first year and set a $40,000 dollar goal last year.

“It’s a good fit for us,” she said.

For more information about NIP contact Good Shepherd Caregivers at 304-876-3325 or email Marrone-Reese at Director@gsivc.org

To learn more about the Good Shepherd organization, visit their web site at www.gsivc.org