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Trails and Trees Studio Tour coming

By Staff | Oct 17, 2014

What is it with all of these signs? On the first weekend in November, during the last four years there has been an epidemic of them popping up throughout Berkeley County. They simply read, “Trails & Trees Studio Tour” with a big red arrow.

They’ll be back again this year. The annual artist studio tour will once again be held Saturday and Sunday, Nov. 1 and 2.

What’s behind the sign?

The Trails and Trees Studio Tour is the time when fourteen of Berkeley County artists will be opening their studios and workspaces to the public so visitors might see their creations, visit and chat with them, and in some cases, watch demonstrations of how they make their art.

Art shows and galleries display a final product. The Studio Tour however allows a close-up, personal glimpse of the creative process. Kat Cimaglio, an acrylic artist whose subjects reflect her rural life, believes that a visit to an artist’s work space is the perfect opportunity to see and get insight into that artist’s unique approach to their subject.

The tour includes a wide variety of artists. Sherry Evasic combs the country looking for unique ingredients used to design and create her jewelry featuring semi-precious stones.

“Every component in a hand-made piece is an art form in itself. Sometimes I lay down the stones, look at them and they seem like a painting. From the stones their selves the idea for a piece of jewelry begins to form,” says Evasic.

In addition to Evasic and Cimaglio there are 12 other artists. One of the three new tour members this year is glass artist, Denise O’Brien. Denise does not limit her work to beautiful, light and airy decorative glass objects, but also makes a whole line inviting usable glass items.

Another new artist this year is Jocelynne Lowans, an acrylic artist whose style has a mix of “urban esoteric influence”, which differentiates itself from others on the tour.

When asked about the influence of her work Jocelynne explained that “she doesn’t like to analyze her work iIt’s the job of the viewer to see what they want in my paintings, drawing on their own experiences and likes to form a connection with the work.”

The artists mentioned in this article are just the tip of the iceberg. Once you travel through the tour you’ll see that there is no one definition of a studio. The studios are as individualized and unique as the artists participating and art being made. Trail and Trees offers an extensive range of art forms from its members using a myriad of mediums; turned wood, hand forged metal, glass creations, gourds, collage clocks, paintings, jewelry, polymer clay, basketry and more. There is also a gunsmith who creates 18th century style flintlock guns.

This year the tour is including a special $200 “Passport to Creativity” Door Prize. Visit all 14 artists, at 11 locations and become registered for a gift certificate redeemable with any artist on the tour. This special prize is in addition to the individual door prizes sponsors by each artist.

To learn more about the Trails & Trees Studio Tour and the 14 artists who are participating, please visit their website, www.trailsandtrees.org.