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A hauntingly good time coming to town

By Staff | Oct 24, 2014

Shepherdstown may be a bit more haunted than usual this week as the 2nd BooFest begins on Friday. The week and a half long festival is bringing in a plethora of spooky events, ranging from Halloween themes movies, dramatic reading of Edger Allen Poe and even a haunted walk through Shepherdstown. The event begins with the Vampire Ball at the War Memorial Building on Friday, Oct. 24 at 9 p.m. and ends with the Rocky Horror Picture Show at the Opera House on Friday Oct .31 at midnight.

It is shaping up to be one of the biggest Halloween celebrations the Shepherdstown community has seen. Each event planned has a little something for everyone, students and families alike.

According to Deb Tucker, “We have built on what we produced last year. This year we are not bringing in an anchor event as we did last year with RJ Haddy, instead we are doing more community-led events The Haunted Walk, the Costume Parade and Competition and theatrical production by Washington High School.”

The 2nd annual Vampires Ball, which kicks the celebration off in a macabre fashion, will be a party with a purpose. Not only will there be drinks such as wine and beer available for purchase, but also free snacks and live entertainment by the band The Sacred Groove. Prizes will be awarded for Best Costume/Best Couple Costume so be sure to “dress to impress.” The Vampires Ball began last year, and was the brainchild of mother and daughter duo Judy Shepherd and Jenny Haynes.

According to Shepherd, “She and I oversee the reservations for the Shepherdstown Community Club and she thought of organizing a fundraiser to profit the SCC.” So not only is it a great time to be had, but also of benefit to the community. For those interested in attending tickets may be purchased for $25 per couple and $15 per single at The Now and Then shop or at the door.

The Vampires Ball is not the only big event happening this year. The Michael Jackson Thriller dance event will also be a big draw for people. The event begins on Sunday Oct. 26 at 6 p.m,, people will be instructed on how to do the dance by Jennifer Seeley and colleagues at the Wellness Center. Upon learning the famous dance, they will then perform for family and friends this takes place on King Street in front of Town Hall.

According Deb Tucker it is a “Not-to-miss event.” It is fun for everyone. For those looking for a more adult themed Halloween event, look no further than the Creepy Cocktail Crawl which takes place on Saturday, Oct. 25 at 6 p.m.. The Crawl is not too out of the ordinary of what you would see of the nightlife in Shepherdstown, only with a creepy twist. Each restaurant will be offering their own tailored Halloween inspired cocktail for patrons too enjoy.

Boofest this year seems to be much bigger and community-centered than any year prior.

According to Tucker, “The Shepherdstown Visitors Center (SVC) is the main event sponsor; as well as the Jefferson County Convention and Visitors Bureau. We have town residents involved with running events, promotion and decorating the town. The Mayor, Town Hall staff and Shepherd University have all been very supportive and involved.”

With a focus on community, creativity and fun Halloween this year in town is shaping up to be more of a treat than a treat.

For more information on Boofest’s events schedule and times visit: www.facebook.com/ShepherdstownBooFest or http://shepherdstown.info/events/shepherdstown-boofest/)