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Chamber honors first responders

By Staff | Oct 31, 2014

The Jefferson County Chamber of Commerce continued the tradition of honoring the county’s first responders at the 14th annual Public Service Banquet Tuesday evening at Hollywood Casino at Charles Town Races.

Among those receiving awards were members of Shepherdstown’s police and fire and rescue.

Michael King, an officer with Shepherdstown Police Department, was selected as the recipient for that office. After serving 34 years as a Hagerstown police officer, he now serves locally. King was the recipient of the award last year as well.

Shepherdstown Fire Department selected recipients for both the fire and the rescue side of their operation. Chief Ross Morgan honored Libby Nester, secretary for the department, for all of her dedicated service. Chief Marshall McDermitt’s recipient was Ty Bowers, a dedicated young member of the company.

Other winners recognized included:

The 2014 Outstanding Career Emergency Medical Services Provider Honoree was Elizabeth Jeffries.

The 2014 Outstanding Volunteer Emergency Medical Services Providers Honorees were Lou Thompson for Bakerton Fire Company, Steve Harris for Blue Ridge Fire Company, Derek Morrow for Citizens Fire Company, Matt Minnick for Friendship Fire Company, Allen Spangler for Independent Fire Company and Ty Bowers for Shepherdstown Fire Department.

The 2014 Outstanding Fire Services Providers Honorees: Robert Bussard for Bakerton Fire Company, Michael Nick for Blue Ridge Fire Company, Keith Kain Jr. for Friendship Fire Company, Michael Hough for Independent Fire Company, Dan Malamas for Middleway Volunteer Fire Company Vincent Tiong for Citizens Fire Company and Elizabeth Nester for Shepherdstown Fire Department.

The 2014 Outsanding Law Enforcement Officers Honorees: Jason Newlin for Charles Town Police Department, Dustin Tabler for Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department, Phillip Drish for Jefferson County Sheriff’s Reserve and Derek Walker for the West Virgnia State Police.

The 2014 Outstanding Emergency Communications Dispatch Honoree was David Holmes for Public Safety.