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Three Trees Tutoring offers needed help

By Staff | Nov 14, 2014

Academics are never easy, and there are times in the career of a student when things get difficult. Whether one is a graduate student at Shepherd trying to overcome that massive paper, or simply a high school student trying to solve those algebraic equations, it can be a daunting task asking for help. However, when the grades start to suffer there is no easy way out. That is where a business like Three Trees Tutoring comes in to save the proverbial day. Started by Shepherd University alumna Marianne Davis, Three Trees offers various types of tutoring in subjects such as English, history, political science, the forever problematic math and even statistics.

The biggest difference between Three Trees and other tutoring businesses is the primary focus on the student’s experience.

“We want to give our customers the tools to do in four hours what once took 10, and to do it well.” Davis says. This puts the tools into the hands of the student; they are able to feel control where they once felt a sense of impending doom and a swirling wind of chaos around things such as equations or Shakespeare.

Shepherd University’s Academic Support Center, located on the lower level of Scarborough Library, also offers tutoring help. However, the ASC cannot help everyone. Graduate students in the Master’s programs at Shepherd are unable to use the ASC. There are also times that it is difficult for an undergrad to schedule a good tutor around midterms or finals because they all seem to be taken, since it runs on a first come first serve basis, and the student is subject to the tutor’s schedule.

“The ASC does a marvelous job of supporting SU undergrads in most of what they face in their four years in college. But they cannot tutor graduate students, or middle and high school kids, as we can.” Davis said. “Most of the younger people we work with are challenged by math. There have been some recent curriculum changes that have left kids with difficult transitions from one year to the next.”

Three Trees offers far more than just tutoring for students, it also offers editing and services for adults and businesses seeking help in various areas. They even have services to help people get the most out of their technology.

Writing is one of the most important aspects for a small business, not just in promotion, but also advertisements and business writing.

“Shepherd doesn’t offer writing and editing services to adults and local businesses as we do. Just as importantly, most of Three Trees’ tutors hold advanced degrees and certifications. They are experts in their fields,” Davis shared.

There are very few places that offer help for a small business owner feeling overwhelmed by the daunting task to become successful in their endeavors, and Three Trees is one of the places they can go for help. Not only help for things they find problematic, but also to gain a sense of control over a situation and relieve stress.

One of the most important aspects of Three Trees Tutoring is that they seek to give the student the skill set required so that he or she can feel in control of whatever obstacle is crushing them. This can not only give relief in work or school, but also provide a backdrop for their lives. Life is a playground filled with various puzzles and obstacles at every turn. Sometimes one can jump over the hurdles, yet there are times when the hurdles instead begin to do the jumping and overcoming them feels impossible. At least in the area of academics there exists a place like Three Trees that can take that thing that keeps tripping one up and give the power to jump higher and achieve more than one once thought possible.

Three Trees generally charge $35 per hour, but provides a discount package for multiple sessions.

Those interested in contacting Three Trees may do so by calling Director Marianne Davis at 203-273-7053, or online at www.threetreestutoring.com/. They can also be found on Facebook at www.facebook.com/sanbongitutoring.