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New businesses: Movers and shakers in town

By Staff | Jan 16, 2015

A new year brings new business opportunities to Shepherdstown.

New renter’s hung a ‘coming soon’ sign across the Yellow Brick Bank building only days after the famous restaurant closed. Mi Degollado is an expansion store; a Charles Town based Mexican restaurant.

“We are 100 percent Mexican food. We are family owned, and our recipes are our own,” Lupe Rayas said when describing what they are bringing to town.

Her husband will manage the restaurant. Their menu will include vegetarian, kids meals and everything from their Charles Town menu.

The restaurant is currently working in the building’s kitchen and only plans to change the decorations in the seating area. A grand opening date is waiting on permits, but they say as soon as possible.

Mi Degollado will be the second Mexican restaurant on the short German Street strip. Maria’s Taqueria has served locals so well that they are expanding into the Register building across from McMurran Hall.

The taco shop is adding fish tacos, desserts and beer and wine to the menu, as well as addition seating in which to enjoy the new atmosphere.

The building owner has redone electrical, changed one water source into three (for bathrooms and kitchen) and added a front desk.

Maria said of Mi Degollado moving in, “If we both put out good product there should be enough customers for us both.”

Maria’s Taqueria will reopen Jan. 17.

Looking back at the cubby hole she moved out of, Maria said, “Its not the space, but the business owner who makes that space happen. Five or six businesses failed before [Mellow Moods succeeded].”

That is the same sentiment of the newest business to open in between Pedal and Paddle and Two River Treads.

Pressed Flour is not a new business, but the bakery will open its first storefront in February. Owner Alisha Hanlin is the baker behind Pressed Flour. She says opening a store within brick and mortar can be an encouragement to the community at large.

“There is more entrepreneurial spirit in this town than there is space to fill,” she commented.

However, there are currently two buildings on German Street ready for new commercial tenants.

Hanlin also said entrepreneurship in general is headed the online direction because the economy won’t let people take the risk of the investment in a building.

That risk of investing an idea in a physical building is one that has worked for the owner of Yarnability, now on Princess Street. Susan Wolcott said 60 percent of her time goes to the internet.

“You have to have a plan, use social media and be involved in the community,” Wolcott shared.

Across the street from Yarnability, new business is revitalizing an old hotspot for commerce. Town Run Brewing Company will open in the warehouse of what was Knode’s Southern States. According to their Facebook page, they will be a brew pub, art gallery and vintage arcade parlor.

In the same corner of Princess Street, Murphy’s Snack Shack becomes a deli Jan. 24 and is considering adding breakfast. It will offer free-range meats and change current ice cream to an all-natural.

Residents are asking about new signs on German Street for Vape Seed Lounge. The Chronicle was unable to track down this new-comer.

Several long time business owners in town call the newness part of the town’s vibrancy.

In fact, the visitor’s center reminds that, “Many small towns across the country have no businesses downtown.”

The Shepherdstown Town Council voted this week to create an economic development committee that will support the plethora of long standing businesses in town as well as those new and emerging.