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SAIL welcomes new board

By Staff | Jan 16, 2015

Shepherdstown Area Independent Living (SAIL), installed new officers for 2015 at a meeting of its board members.

The outgoing board was comprised of Carolyn Rodis, Hal Snyder, Judy Moore, James Stovall, Dan VanBellegham, GT Schramm, with Cris Kinsella serving as president, Ted Walton as secretary, Jack Young as vice president and Vicky Smith as President.

The 2015 board is made up of members Vicky Thomas, GT Shramm, Dan VanBelleghem, Hal Snyder, Diana Eldridge and John Griffith.

Carl Moore will now serve as treasurer. Ted Walton remains secretary. Carolyn Rodis will now serve as vice president and Jack Young will serve as new board president.

At Monday’s meeting, outgoing president Vicky Thomas reflected on the group’s accomplishments since its inception in 2012.

About a third of villages that open close within the first three years and we haven’t closed. We’re growing!” she said.

In fact, SAIL has almost tripled its membership since it started according to Thomas.

SAIL began with approximately 26 members and now includes approximately 80 participants.

SAIL was the first “village” of its type established in the sate of West Virginia.

As she explained, SAIL’s purpose is to sustain quality of live for area residents as they age through community support and various services and resources.

“I think Shepherdstown’s really special and I don’t want to go to a retirement community because they’re all very far from here,” she said.

In a letter to outgoing president Thomas, Jack Young described her as “one of the visionaries who first dared to consider the possibility.”

Thomas said SAIL has work ahead in continuing to pursue its mission.

“It’s still a young organization. It still has a lot to do.”

Particular interest continues to be placed on addressing the many challenges older residents face in terms of transportation.

“It’s a really big thing for people like us,” she said.

“I look back at all the ideas we have had, all the people who have been central to this organization’s beginning. Members and board members who are no longer in town or in SAIL, early volunteers, the ministerial association, Good Shepherd’s staff and board members, the current and former members-all are in my thoughts,” Thomas said in her final presidents report.

“So, let’s have a wonderful year.”

More information about SAIL can be found by visiting www.shepherdstownSAIL.org or by emailing info@shepherdstownSAIL.org.