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De-Vinyl Dream

By Staff | Jan 30, 2015

Shepherdstown resident Trey Frye never dreamed those piano lessons he was forced to take starting at age 8 would be a precursor to a musical career. Now the young man is releasing his fourth album, the first one on vinyl.

The release party, scheduled for 9 p.m. at the Blue Moon, was released on the French record label “Data Airlines” as a digital album with a limited edition vinyl. Frye will have copies for sale at the release show.

Getting to this point has been an exciting road that Frye said started with those piano lessons. He quickly developed a love of music and shared that he played various instruments and played in various bands while in high school.

It was at that time, Frye said, that he happened upon a Youtube video of a man playing music off of a Game Boy video game in Japan.

“Immediately I decided I needed to figure out how to do that myself,” he said. “I discovered a sub genre of electronic music called ‘chipmusic,’ which is music created using outdated video game hardware,” he shared.

Using a program called Little Sound DJ, Frye composes and performs music using original Game Boys from 1989. When he composes, he uses two Game Boys where two copies f the program are synched together and all the sounds are layed with each other so it makes a full soundscape, he said. When performing live, Frye uses four Game Boys to allow an easy transition between songs.

Frye’s first CD, ‘Trey Frey’ was released in April 2010 and he followed in November 2011 with Trey Frey II. The next release, ‘Refresh,’ took some time to complete, as has ‘ Trs Frais.’

Frye, who is known as Trey Frey, shared that the name came about when he initially starting playing the electronic music.

“When I played my very first show, I didn’t have an ‘artist name’ yet and my friend jokingly called me ‘Trey Frey.’ That goofy rhyming inversion of my actual name just kind of stuck,” he said.

Frye says that he is very particular about his music and edits it multiple times before finalizing. He shared that he feels that music is a form of communication-one through which he shares his personal story and his emotions.

Frye recently completed a European tour where he took his music to a captive audience.

“I am very popular with people in the United Kingdom as well as various countries in Europe,” he said. The tour was an exciting way to share his music and see the world.

Performing live is the favorite part of the musical process for Frye. While he enjoys the composing as well, there is simply something about a live audience that makes the experience a fulfilling one.

Frye is excited to share the new album, ‘Trs Frais,’ with his hometown fans. The release party has a $5 cover and begins at 9 p.m. at the Blue Moon Cafe.

For those who wish to experience Frye’s music online, visit Bandcamp (Music Downloads): TreyFrey.bandcamp.com or Soundcloud (Music Streaming): SoundCloud.com/treyfrey. He can also be found on Facebook at www.facebook.com/TREYFREY.