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Cafe Society discussions to resume

By Staff | Mar 13, 2015

The “Cafe Society” will launch its second year of weekly discussions conducted each Tuesday morning on campus as part of the Shepherd University Life Long Learning Program. The first issue area under discussion will be, “The Role of a police force or other public safety organizations in the community.”

The first session, which will again be led by Mike Austin and Art Wineburg will be held on Tuesday, March 17 from 8:30 to 10 a.m. in the Student Center “Rumsey Room.” Community members and particularly Shepherd students are encouraged to participate. No prior registration is required and there are no charges.

The purpose of the Cafe Society, as outlined in the Spring 2015 Lifelong Learning Program handbook is ” to foster a more robust civil society, a more cohesive and interactive community, greater media literacy, and a more informed and engaged public.”

Mike Austin commented, “We were encouraged by last year’s stimulating and thought- provoking interaction between a wide spectrum of community members who proved to be excellent listeners as well as speakers. It was a rewarding intellectual and deeply personal experience to hear each other’s opinions on critical issues. We have a tremendous amount of talent, professional knowledge and experience that remains largely untapped within our community.”

For additional information, contact Mike Austin at (304) 876-0598 or Art Wineburg at (304) 876-2586.