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Cafe Society Discussions Continue at Shepherd

By Staff | Apr 13, 2015

Each Tuesday morning throughout the semester members of the Shepherdstown community gather to have an active dialog with Shepherd University students on current issues. Now in its second year, the discussions have developed a loyal group of participants you enjoy the active exchange of views.

Last Tuesday the topic was an examination of West Virginia’s over- dependence on the coal industry which is no longer as viable as the dominant driver of the state’s economy. Next Tuesday the subject for discussion will be “The challenge of having a meaningful dialog between generations.”

If you happen to be a parent or particularly a grandparent, you might have some views on that and if you are a young person, you might be interested in what it is that that makes old folks think and act the way they do.

The Cafe Society is part of SUs Lifelong Learning program. The sessions are free and no prior registration is required. The discussions are held in the Rumsey Room of the Student Center from 8:30 to 10 a.m..

Mike Austin, who shares the facilitation role with Art Wineburg, commented, “We don’t try to resolve issues under discussion, but rather to broaden our understanding and hear the perspective and insight that others are able to share. I am impressed in each session, regardless of the topic, by how knowledgeable and articulate many of our fellow citizens in the Shepherdstown community are.”

Call Mike Austin at 304- 876-0598 or Art Wineburg at 304- 876-2586 for more information.